frayed wire; a piece from an exposed, tired, post-therapy jude.

sometimes I feel like an exposed frayed wire.
a conduit of misunderstanding, a receptacle for frustration, and labelled as “too much” way too often.

sometimes i feel like people are tiptoeing around me, afraid that I’ll accidentally cause an electrical fire even if I didn’t cause my own damage in the first place. i feel like people are tiptoeing around me, avoiding that I’m not all together for them in the way that they desire me to be.

too worn down by expectations and the roles given to me by fate - the desire of a life that is easy, of being a wire that is whole, is looked down upon. I’m asking for too much.

i’m learning to live as a frayed wire - sending signals of communication, communicating telepathically, empathetically, and feeling so much. i’m learning to deal with the short circuits, the pieces of my wire that seem to fray further the more that i discover who i am. the pieces that are no longer useful, that no longer carry communication.

and maybe there is the option to fix my frayed wire, but would that make me boring? would it make me not be able to feel as deeply? love as deeply? i’d rather be frayed.