a letter for when your content is stolen

my dear creator,

your content has been stolen, repurposed, republished on the internet without your consent. your likeness and your image is used in a piece that was not created by you. you were not asked if it was okay, you were not even a thought in the thief’s mind.

your voice is being used in a film that is against everything you stand for. your image is being used with badly blurred video that was stolen from you. you have the word censored written over your face, as if asking for simple respect is the same thing as censorship.

my dear creator, you are not a bully for asking for respect. you are not a bully for asking for the simple courtesy of an email back. you are not a bully for demanding that you be removed from a project that you did not sign up for. you are not a bully for setting boundaries and keeping them, that’s what they want you to think. that you ask for too much. that you take up too much space. that you should feel lucky that they stole from you.

however, you have more followers than they do. you have a community. you have an audience. you know how to fight. you know empathy and compassion and you know how to lead with your heart in a way that makes the gods proud. you know what you are worth, and you will not accept anything less.

you will not be a doormat. you will not be stepped on. you will continue to be loud and ruthless. you will continue to shout from the mountaintops about how your community can support you. you will not give up. you will continue to sharpen your swords and continue to fight.

this platform, these platforms, the internet, was not built for you. but it bends to your will. it bows to you. you know exactly what you want. so go get it.

your loving and loyal mermaid queen.